We are nearing the end of this year’s spring summit! Our crepe paper double daffodils workshop is the easiest of the three flower workshops we have done so far. And we now have the replay available for you here to watch as many times as you’d like.

extra-fine crepe paper double daffodils

Do a double take

Although this double daffodil is simpler to craft, it is just as beautiful as the anemone and ranunculus. The crepe paper looks particularly soft and delicate here. And we have shaped and layered the petals in a way that makes the flower look extra fluffy. 

If you’re an annual member, you can download the flower pattern and watch the video tutorial over in our Craft Academy. If you’re not a member but purchased the spring summit kit, you can find the link to our updated daffodil pattern and new video tutorial on the back of the flower kit package. 

crepe paper double daffodils workshop