Pine Needle Wreath

Print the PDF template below to get started. These crepe pine needles are much easier than they look! Simply twist the fringes of the paper to create the look. We also encourage you to take a look at the photo tutorial to help you as you craft your pine needle wreath. Because we were adding these pine needles into a twig wreath, we wanted to use a thinner floral wire than we do for stemmed blooms. We went with a 24-gauge wire because we have a nice supply in the studio.

When you finish your pine needles, you can tuck them into the twig wreath. You have the option to use hot glue to secure, but we were successful with just sliding the wire between the twigs. Our finishing touches to this rustic winter pine needle wreath were the holly berries and cork owls. In the past we have used red beads as holly berries, but here we decided to use red felt balls. You can also use cotton spun balls painted red! If you want to incorporate those adorable cork owls, find the tutorial here.


  1. Gather tools and materials.
  2. Cut crepe paper into a 2” x 8” strip with the grain in the direction of the 2” width as shown on the PDF template. Fringe the edge, cutting with the fringe.
  3. Gently twist each piece of fringe.
  4. Wrap the strip around the end of a piece of floral wire and glue into place.

Full tutorial available for members to download below.


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