DIY_Crepe_Paper_GardeniaAhhhh, the gardienia. I remember back in my 20’s when I was working as a designer at a well known golf resort and the flower department (how luxurious is that) placed a potted gardenia plant on my desk before it was in bloom. Within a few weeks my office was full of its soft, inviting fragrance. That is my first memory of gardenias. Since then, I have used gardenias at my former flower shop in wedding bouquets, for Mother’s Day and other special occasions.

Gardenia blooms, though they smell oh-so-delightful, do have a very short life especially once picked. Though this crepe paper version is fragrance-free, sadly. . . it will last forever and can be used and enjoyed again and again. I used white crepe paper for the blooms and a dark green for the leaves.  Below you will find my step-by-step tutorial for these flowers and at the end of the post is the PDF printable for the pattern. I have some fun new too. . . I just filmed this tutorial last week and will be sharing it with you as soon as it had been edited. Stay tuned for the video tutorial! ~ Lia

Crepe_Paper_Gardenia_Bouquet Gardenia_DIY_Crepe_Paper Paper_Gardenia_DIY CrepePaperGardeniaTutorial