DIY_Paper_Succulent_WreathLast Friday when I was in San Francisco, I visited my favorite garden store, Flora Grubb. They are known for their lush and abundant succulents and offer you every which way to create and grow your own succulent gardens that either hang on the wall or in beautiful containers around your living space.

After going here, I was inspired to make the paper succulents that have been brewing in my creative brain for a while. So I decided to start with a simple paper succulent wreath. This is my new front door wreath, perfect for late summer and fall.

I made myΒ paper succulent wreath with polka dot cardstock and felted cardstock in different colors that I picked up at Michaels. I designed four different succulent plantsΒ and mixing and matching the papers with the patterns made something that is just lovely out of paper and a green foam wreath. So simple!

Check out my four succulent tutorials hereΒ as well as alternative ways to use these pretty succulents in small pots, wooden containers, or glass bowls. You have so many options when it comes to succulents! What will you do with yours?

Cheers! ~ Lia

Paper_Succluent_DIY_Wreath Paper_Succulents_DIY Succulent_Wreath_Paper_DIY Paper_Succulent_Wreath_DIY