Our DIY pencil pouches are simply made with felt and a zipper. We created two pencil pouch designs to choose from: a cute kitty and green three-eyed monster.

We used a sewing machine to put them together, but you could also sew them by hand if you did not have a sewing machine around. If you want your pencil pouch to last for the entire school year, you will want to ensure you are using high-quality wool-blend felt.

For the body of the pouches, we initially used thick, 3mm felt that is no longer available. For the updated version, we recommend that you use two sheets of the body color and bond them together with the fusible web to create one thick piece. If you are cutting your pieces with a cutting machine, I recommend you first cut four pieces and then fuse to make two. The machine will not cut the thicker double pieces.

Once you pick out your felt colors, print the PDF template below and use each piece as a guide for cutting your felt. You can also cut your pieces with a rotary blade on your personal cutting machine using the SVG file.

After you have your felt pieces ready, you must also pick out some zippers from your local fabric store. We used a heavy-duty zipper and made sure that the zipper for the monster was extra “toothy” πŸ˜‰

Follow the photo tutorial below to guide you through the sewing process for your DIY pencil pouches.

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