Rose Tree CenterpieceHere is a fun paper project that is not only simple to make but looks elegant and lovely when finished. This is a great DIY project for wedding reception decor or to decorate any elegant party. I can even see this spiral rose branch used in styling a little girls room or to decorate your office desk. You will just need a tree branch for each piece, paper and the materials to create a base for your arrangement. In the tutorial below, I give you the step-by-steps on how I created this centerpiece. There are many variations, the one constant being the spiral roses. You can free form cut your spirals in any color or use the template I have provided for you at the end of this post. My one hint is to use a text weight paper rather than the heavier card stock. This will let the spiral form and curl with ease while still holding the finished shape.ย  Enjoy! ~ Lia

Spiral Rose Centerpiece Tutorial