Yarn Pom PomsMaking pom poms is such an easy and versatile craft. They are a beautiful way to add an extra bit of effort into gift wrapping by using them as gift toppers. You can use them to place on napkin rings or to incorporate into your table setting. You can use them for various craft projects too! I have made pom poms out of tissue paper and baker’s twine in the past, but now it is time to venture more into the fiber arts. I am so incredibly excited and fortunate that my sister Arline recently joined our Lia Griffith Team. She is the QUEEN of fiber arts! She brought this yarn pom poms idea to me and I loved it. So let me tell you that this is just the beginning of her crafty fabric and yarn projects! 

Follow the tutorial below to learn how to make easy yarn pom poms. This technique will be used for many projects to come, so this will be a great post to refer back to! You can make easy pom poms using a fork, as I did with my baker’s twine pom poms, but your yarn pom poms will look much nicer if you invest in some inexpensive pom pom makers. The basic technique for making the pom poms is to wrap your yarn several times around your pom pom maker, tie it off in the center to hold everything in place, and then cut the ends of your loops to make the yarn poof out. Make them in all colors of the rainbow or even make two-toned yarn pom poms!   

Join us as we venture into the beautiful world of fiber arts! We will be posting sewing projects, knitting projects, and plenty more yarn crafts coming up soon. Our first will be making yarn pom pom animals for Easter, so stay tuned for that! And be sure to look into our membership options to never miss a project. Enjoy! ~ LiaYarn Pom Poms Yarn Pom PomsYarn Pom Poms Tutorial