Needle Felted BluebirdCome Fly With Me

When spring comes around, not only do the flowers start blooming, but the birds come out to play. Have you heard them chirping around your neighborhood lately? If you want to incorporate a little songbird friend into your home decor, making a needle felted bluebird is a wonderful way to do so. Plus you get to explore a unique craft technique that you may have never tried before!



  • Wool Blend Felt – Tidepool or to match a different shade of needle felting roving wool
  • Needle Felting Roving Wool  – Bubblegum and a lighter or darker shade blue
  • 1.5″ Foam Ball
  • 1″ Foam Ball
  • 2 Black Push Pins
  • Grey Marker
  • 20 Gauge Wire
  • Black Acrylic Craft Paint


  1. Gather the tools and materials listed above.
  2. Glue and push the foam balls together as shown to create a base for the body.
  3. Using a felting needle, repeatedly poke the light blue wool roving onto the foam bird body. Cover the foam entirely.
  4. Poke the dark blue felt onto the top half of the bird.
  5. Cut out felt pieces according to the PDF pattern at the bottom of the post.
  6. Glue the wings and tail onto the bird. Form a cone for the beak and glue to the head.
  7. Stick black pins into the head to create eyes. If the pins are too long, you can use wire cutters to shorten them.
  8. Use grey marker to color around the eyes, beak and wings.
  9. Add color to the base and tip of the tail.
  10. Use pliers to make wire feet. Use this felted robin tutorial for reference. Paint the feet black and let dry. Add a dot of glue and poke the feet into the underside of the body.

Follow our photo tutorial below for a visual guide to crafting your felted bluebird!


If you are new to needle felting, we recommend practicing a bit before starting on a specific project. It can take some time to get into the groove of the technique, and just remember to be careful! Felting needles are barbed, so they are very sharp. For guidance on bending the wire feet, find our other needle felted bird tutorials, like our felted robin and felted chicks. If you want to make a little branch for your felted bluebird to perch on, pop over to our DIY magnolia branch tutorial.

More Inspiration

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