Gargoyle Lamps
Every month we receive a new shipment of foam goodies from Floracraft®, and every month we end up surprising ourselves with the unique projects that we are able to make with this versatile material! This month they sent us foam gargoyle heads in honor of Halloween’s imminent arrival. To be honest, we weren’t sure what we were going to do with them at first. Eventually we came up with the idea to create spooky gargoyle lamps that are seriously perfect for Halloween! 

This is one of those projects where only a little bit of effort is needed for a show-stopping result. I promise that your guests will be impressed by your holiday decor! Making the gargoyle lamps does not require very many materials. All you need is the Floracraft® Make It:Fun® gargoyle (which should be available at Walmart and AC Moore), a lamp, spray paint and a knife. We found some fabulous lamps at our local Fred Meyer – super convenient! These lamps are especially great for Halloween with the industrial-looking cage around the bulbs. After picking out your lamps, spray paint them with the color that you would like. We used Montana Gold spray paint in Copperchrome color but dark black is also a nice option for Halloween decor. Before spraying, I would suggest bundling the cord into a plastic bag and taping it shut to protect it from the paint. 

While your lamps are drying, spray paint the foam gargoyles. You have a couple of options for this, depending on the look that you want! Either way, you will need Mod Podge glue, which acts as a sealant in this case. You can apply a coat of Mod Podge with a paint brush before or after spray painting. If you apply it before, it will prevent the paint from seeping into the foam. In the end, the gargoyle will look more polished and new. Personally I like spray painting before Mod Podge-ing. This way, the paint soaks into the foam and gives it a weathered and warped look. Then you can add a layer of Mod Podge to create an extra shine. 

Naturally the next step in making the gargoyle lamps is to attach the foam to the lamp. Once the gargoyles are dry, use a foam cutter or knife to cut a groove in the back of the head. We ended up cutting about 2 inches deep at the base of the gargoyle’s neck. Cut the groove the same width as the lamp’s spine so that the foam fits snugly around. You shouldn’t even need to use glue to attach the foam! When you’re finished with your gargoyle lamps, you can use them to decorate your home, classroom or set up a whole haunted house display. 

If you are looking for more Halloween inspiration, check out all of our Halloween projects. Follow our daily projects on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, or head over to our membership page to join our crafting community. I love seeing your projects, so feel free to share them with me and the team on Instagram using #DIYDreamingWithLia! Enjoy ~ Lia 

Gargoyle Lamps
Gargoyle Lamps
Gargoyle Lamps

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