Meet Fred and Alice! They stopped by for a glass of cider. Halloween ghosts are fun to hang on your porch or in a front window in preparation for any ghastly trick-or-treaters that come knocking on your door. Our spooky Halloween ghosts are made using foam heads from Floracraft®, a couple sheets of cheesecloth fabric and a good dollop of mod podge glue. It’s a simple craft to make and would be a fun one for the kids to get involved in. Below is a picture of Hanging Bats Ghosts from the Flora Crafts Fun Halloween Ideas Booklet which was our inspiration for Fred and Alice.

Start by draping two lengths of fabric over a foam head. We propped our foam head on a pole and stand to hold it in place, but you could just as easily rest it on a covered table or workbench. Once the cheesecloth is in place, cover the foam head and cheesecloth with a layer of mod podge or similar craft glue. Leave it to dry, then repeat this process three more times. As the glue dries, the fabric will stiffen and once the final layer of glue is dry you will be able to peel the fabric off the foam head and the form of the face will remain – spooky huh? Attach a length of invisible thread to the top and hang your Halloween ghosts where they will give good scare value! 

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Hanging Bat Ghosts