Free April 2017 CalendarApril Showers…

It’s finally spring! After a long and dreary winter, we are finally starting to see some patches of sun in the sky and we could not be more excited. As the old saying goes, April showers bring May flowers. Thanks to the art of paper flower making, we can have both April showers and April flowers! While we wait for the real flowers to start blooming around us, here is our free April 2017 calendar for you to download and print. If you’ve been following along with our 2017 printable calendar, you know that our design theme for this year is crepe flower photography. Every month’s printable features a crepe paper bloom or botanical that you can craft at home for yourself with our template and tutorial. April’s featured flower is the gorgeous peony.

Peonies tend to bloom in mid-May, but they are so lovely that we had to start pulling them out for the month of April. If you want to bring some peonies into your life this spring, you can follow our crepe paper tutorial, metallic paper tutorial or felt flower tutorial. So many options! We also have a peony craft kit available in JoAnn Stores if you love having the convenience of pre-cut petals. Before you print this free April calendar, you are welcome to customize it. Each day has an editable field so you can add birthdays, anniversaries and other special events to remember. If you do not celebrate Easter, simply delete it from the calendar! To add events, start by downloading and installing the free font Arcon. When you’re ready to print, you can print onto regular copy paper or cardstock for something sturdier. 

Easter is Upon Us!

Easter is one of my very favorite holidays and it is wonderful to think that it is right around the corner! If you are looking for some Easter project inspiration to go with your free April 2017 calendar, browse all of our Easter crafts on the site. And of course, stay tuned for a whole new collection of Easter projects in the coming weeks. Head over to our membership page to start crafting with us, or follow us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter for daily doses of DIY. Cheers! ~ Lia & Team