Have a lot of activities planned this summer? One easy way to get organized is by hanging up a calendar with all of your events and appointments written down. That way you can see it every day—and so can everyone else in your household! To help you get organized this summer, we have created a free June 2019 printable calendar for you to download.

If you’re a member of our craft community, you can download the full 2019 calendar. Otherwise, just scroll down to print your monthly freebie! If you haven’t downloaded one of our monthly calendars before, make sure to read through our printing instructions below.

Joyful June

With June creeping up on us, we’re already starting to think ahead to summer. Last week it was in the 70s and 80s here in Portland! So even though we’re still a month out from it officially being summertime, it’s already starting to feel a lot like a new season.

Even if it’s not approaching summertime where you live, you can keep track of whatever you have planned for the month in our June 2019 printable calendar. This monthly calendar features pretty flowers in pink, red, and purple at the top—plus fern leaves (my favorite!). The paper flowers pictured with our printable calendar are our frosted paper double peonies.

Other than the start of summer on June 21, you may also want to jot down Father’s Day on June 16. There are also some other fun holidays to note! There’s National Gardening Week during the first full week of June. There’s also World Environment Day on the 5th, National Chocolate Ice Cream Day on the 7th, and Sewing Machine Day on the 13th.

This is also a great month for a DIY rose since it’s the birth flower for June. If you haven’t crafted one yet, we can show you how to make a rose out of paper. We have a lot of paper rose templates, including the first paper rose I published on my site. If you’re not a member, that rose is a freebie for you to try out!

Printing & Editing Instructions

Download your free June 2019 printable calendar below. We don’t have anything listed on this monthly calendar. So if you want to type in your own holidays, plans, and events, make sure to download the Sagona Demo font.

After you click the link for the Sagona Demo font, click the green button toward the top right of the page that says “buying options.” You will see the word “FREE” highlighted next to the desktop icon. Then click the blue “add” button to download it to your computer.

If you have downloaded the font before for our other monthly calendars, you don’t need to download it again. Another option is to just write on your calendar with a pen!

Once you’ve added your plans to your monthly calendar, you can print it. We print our calendars on 8.5″x11″ white cardstock. This gives it a nice heavier feel. But if you prefer a more lightweight version, you can print your calendar on regular copy paper.

June 2019 printable calendar with paper fern leaves and pen

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