It is that time of year again! Time for our printable 2023 calendar. I love that so many of you have asked if there might be a new version, as it inspires me to create something fresh and pretty.

printable 2023 calendar

My Holiday Gift for You

For the new printable 2023 calendar, I decided to pull back on the design and create something that is visually quiet. So I chose to feature pretty line drawings of monthly birth flowers and simple words attached to each flower’s meaning. This is a gentle prompt to keep in our sight what is most important to us individually as we move from month to month in 2023.

This last month while reading through the survey answers that 3000 of you submitted (thank you to all who responded to the survey request), one word that came forward again and again was TIME. Though there are several variations of how this word was used, I feel that we all want more time to spend on what makes our hearts happy.

And what makes my heart happy is expressing myself through creativity. So it is with that intention of creative expression I move into this next year of this creative community, as we all together make the world a more beautiful place, one craft at a time. Enjoy this printable 2023 calendar, and join me for the best year to come!

I love each and every one of you,


P.S. We have a large group (our biggest yet) ready to start the new crepe paper flower master class in January. If you have not signed up yet, you can do it here.

One more thing: If you are looking for great last-minute gifts, we have printable gift cards for our shop and a gift membership. This a great opportunity to get your friends and family to craft along with you!