This week’s “We’re Here for You Wednesday” is all about reclaiming the lost art of letter writing. Since April is National Card and Letter Writing Month, we’re sharing some free printable cards and stationery with you today. This roundup also includes cards for kids, as we believe that taking the time to send a thoughtful note is such a great exercise to instill at an early age. Plus it’s an easy way to help them practice their handwriting.

We have designed a lot of stationery and printable cards for our members over the years, so take a look below to see which ones are free to download!

Write On

Although we can easily connect with one another these days by texting or emailing, commenting on social media posts, and starting a video chat, there’s something so special still about sending a card or handwritten note. Not only does it make the other person feel happy, but it also benefits you in many ways! Writing a letter can help you practice mindfulness, allowing you to slow down and feel calmer. It also fosters creativity, strengthens your relationships, and creates a lasting memory and lovely keepsake. 

We have selected 10 of our free printable cards to feature here in this roundup. Scroll down and click your favorites — or view all of our free cards for more options.


Printable Note Cards, Address Labels, & Stickers

Printable note cards and address labels


Mini Note Cards & Envelopes for Kids

mini note cards and envelopes for kids


Printable “Thinking of You” Cards

printable Thinking of You card


Printable Birthday Cards & Envelopes

printable birthday cards


Inspirational Quote Cards

inspirational quote card


Floral Note Cards & Watercolor Letterhead

floral note cards and watercolor letterhead


“Feel Better” Printable Card

feel better printable card

Kids’ Thank You Cards & Envelopes

Printable kids' thank you cards


Mother’s Day Cards for Moms & Grandmas

Mother's day card for grandma


Inspirational Greeting Card & Framable Quote

inspirational quote card

We hope you enjoy these free printable cards! This can be a great solo activity or something fun for your family to do together. So comment below and let us know which ones you’re planning to print and who you’re sending them to!

If you’re a member, you can download and print any of our cards. Also if you’re dropping a card off at someone’s door, you could always make them a pretty paper flower to go with it. 

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