Choosing paint colors can feel overwhelming or scary. But it doesn’t have to be! We created this video on painting tips and trends to help you feel more confident when painting a room. Also, keep in mind that you can always repaint if something goes wrong or if you don’t love the color you chose as much as you thought you would.

In this video, you’ll hear us talk about a few different painting tips and trends. This includes what colors are popular right now for interior walls. You’ll also hear what we love and what we’re not quite ready for in terms of what we see trending for interior décor.

Another thing we talk about is how to pick paint colors for different types of rooms, how room size and light can affect your paint color choices, and how to pick the right finish. I personally tend to stay away from white walls and you’ll learn why when you watch the video! However, I do love the Scandinavian look, which tends to use a lot of white in order to maximize the light in a room.

Finally, I discuss why I don’t use tape when painting. I know that might seem crazy to some people, but it’s actually really easy to do—and it looks so much better! In the video, you’ll see my technique for how to paint without taping the edges. And one last thing I always do is pick a high-quality paint. If you use a less expensive, lower quality paint, you’ll actually end up having to buy more of it, which defeats the whole purpose of trying to save money!

Ready to get painting? Watch the video below to start painting your rooms with confidence. And if you have any questions, just ask!

Paint Colors & Brushes

I picked Magnolia colors but used Miller Evolution paint.

Living Room: Secondhand Find
Dining Room:
Ella Rose
Trim in all rooms:
Bunny Cake

In the video, I am painting with Captain Nemo. My favorite paint brush is the Purdy XL Glide 2 inch. For furniture and accessories, a full home tour is coming soon!

living room with couch and round wicker tableview of living room for painting tips and trends videocorner of living room with small table and two chairspink dining room with dining tableview of kitchen for painting tips and trends videokitchen with open shelves, stove, and sinkcorner of kitchen with view into dining room

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