Cookie Mix Jars
There’s a reason why “going to the gym” is such a common New Year’s resolution…it’s because there is always so much binging during the holidays! Cookies, pastries and baked goods galore – the cold weather just makes you want to curl up and enjoy something sweet. If you want to give the gift of deliciousness, cookie mix jars have become more and more popular for the holidays. All you need to do is add the dry ingredients for a cookie recipe to a jar and decorate it with some nice Christmas tags. We always like to take ordinary projects and elevate them with a “Lia Griffith” touch, so today we are showing you how to turn your cookie mix jars into adorable winter characters for gifting! 

I created two characters using Weck jars as the base: a penguin and a snowman. Both are made with tulip jars; the penguin is one large jar and the snowman is two shorter jars stacked on top of each other. Print our PDF template below for the cute faces, and follow our photo tutorial to fold the hats and scarves. I printed the faces onto full sheet label paper from World Label so that I could stick them directly onto the glass. To make the hats and scarves, I used our holiday wax paper with the perfect festive patterns for these Christmas cookie mix jars. Find the measurements of wax paper you need in the photo tutorial!

Other than the printable template and wax paper, you will also need some red-striped baker’s twine and paper covered floral wire for the snowman’s arms. These cookie mix jars are a great way to get your little ones in on some holiday crafting. If you need some baking inspiration, be sure to find our holiday cookie recipes with printable recipe cards and matching gift tags! We also designed these tags to specifically complement our holiday wax paper. For more sweet kid’s crafts, be sure to find our tissue paper angels made with lollipops. Browse all of our Christmas projects or head over to our membership page to get in on the fun. Happy Crafting! ~ Lia and the Team