When I started LiaGriffith.com three years ago, my mission was to inspire others, encourage confidence through crafting and empower through the individuality of DIY. As the years have passed and our little crafting community has grown, one of the most popular requests that we receive is to make more videos. Videos are a fabulous teaching tool for DIY projects because they are completely visual. We always appreciate our readers for motivating us to improve our site, and we want you to know that your requests for more videos did not go unnoticed!  

Today my team and I are proudly introducing our newest feature on the website: Craft School! Craft School is all about learning new DIY skills, refining skills you already have, discovering crafting techniques and igniting your creative spirit. Now you can browse our new section of video course series covering crepe paper flowers, felt projects, kid’s crafts, sewing tutorials and so much more. The lessons are divided by skill level, so you can start as a beginner or jump into more advanced classes depending on how comfortable you are with the subject. And it is all included with your Lia Griffith membership. Video is a wonderful way to accomplish our exact goals, so creating an online craft school felt like a perfect next step. It just made sense! 

Another piece of exciting news: we have signed the lease on a new office space to use as our permanent video studio. Thanks to this new addition, we will be able to film new Craft School courses regularly to add to the collection. Craft School is something that we wanted to put together as a way to deepen our creative connection with our readers, and we want to make sure that your voices are being heard. With that being said, please please write in with your feedback and suggestions for new video courses! Send in requests of classes you would like to see by commenting or emailing hello@liagriffith.com. Of course you can look forward to paper flower lessons, but are there any other crafting techniques or materials that you are dying to learn more about? Anything that you’ve always wanted to try but maybe felt too shy to test the waters? Let us know! 

Above everything, our goal is always to spark your imagination so that you can explore your creative potential. With Craft School, you can access our video tutorials on your computer or phone at any time, and just like our projects you can save your favorite lessons to My Craft Room. Each lesson has a course overview, materials list and corresponding pattern all in one convenient place. I have a good feeling about this, and I truly hope you enjoy our new collection of videos! From the bottom of my heart, thank you for allowing me to go on this maker’s adventure with you all. Lots of love ~ Lia 

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