Supply PouchHere is the next project in our Spoonflower fabric set featuring the adorable bunny and bear patterns! Our DIY drawstring backpack is perfect for both back to school or for summer travel, and now you will be able to make your own set of travel cases to store inside of the 11 x 11 inch backpacks. Your kids will be ready for any adventure! Below you will find how you can make your own cute supply pouch for every little one in the family.  

If you are a beginner when it comes to sewing, have no fear! Although you will need a basic sewing machine to make the supply pouch set, the stitches are very simple. To make this project, you will need the specific fabric, fabric scissors, and a zipper that you can pick up from any craft or fabric store. Look for a lightweight zipper that either comes in a roll, or is pre-cut. You can also add a cute piece of ribbon to your zipper for easy opening! 

Head over to Spoonflower to order this fabric set. The supply pouch with a cat matches the drawstring backpack with the bunny, and the supply pouch with the bunny matches the drawstring backpack with the bear. When you order this fabric, you will need to make sure that your material is at least 54 inches wide (or else some of the pattern will be cut off!). Use the drop-down menu to choose your fabric. We used heavy cotton twill for our set, but you can also choose between the organic cotton knit, linen cotton canvas, or eco canvas, as these fabrics are all over 54 inches wide. You will also see that the fabric set includes the patterns to make the backpack, a matching pillow, a pencil case, and a money pouch. Not only is this project adorable, but it is a great way to teach your kids important organizational skills! And we absolutely love it when our kids are organized, right? 😉

Once you have your fabric ready and cut out, follow the step-by-step photo tutorial here to sew your supply pouch together. Make sure you check out the pillows, a money pouch, and a pencil pouch, all from the same yardage! Be sure to also check out our matching set of back to school labels, which includes the cute sticker for the paint palette that is pictured. Browse the rest of our Spoonflower fabric designs and follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram for a daily dose of crafty inspiration from the Lia Griffith Studio. Until next time! ~ Lia

Supply Pouch