Play Oven MittsMy first DIY projects growing up were always DIY toys to keep my sisters and me entertained. Now I am so happy that I can use this website as a way to get more DIY toy projects out into the world! One of my recent favorites is our Play Kitchen Set. I love how much it has grown! We started with some truly glorious felt food and have since incorporated sewing projects into the series with our kid’s aprons. This post includes a pattern to make play oven mitts that you can pair with your aprons. 

To make these play oven mitts, download the printable instructions and follow the step-by-step photo tutorial below. We made our mitts using leftover dishtowel material from the aprons. You can find the dishtowels that we used here! You will also need to pick up some patterned cotton fabric and cotton batting at your local fabric store to craft these. Once you have your materials, print the PDF template below for the shape of the oven mitts. Grab your sewing machine and you are ready to craft.

Our play oven mitts are adorable, but I want to make very sure that you note – do not use these as regular oven mitts! They are not heat resistant and should not be used on hot pots or pans! If you do want to make some functional kid’s oven mitts, refer to our DIY potholders to get the right heat resistant material. If you love the idea of making DIY toys for your little ones, be sure to browse our felt animal stuffie series for super cute felt craft projects. Head over to our membership page to start crafting with us. Enjoy! ~ Lia 

Play Oven Mittskids_oven_mits_0004kids_oven_mits_0002Play Oven Mitts Tutorial