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Get Ready: Tools & Materials List

Get Ready: Tools & Materials List

Watch our video: 5 Tips for Cutting Frosted Paper With the Cricut

This is a list of all the tools and materials I will be using during our master course on frosted paper flowers. Keep in mind that you can always use what you have on hand.


— OR —

Peony: 2 sheets per flower (5 flowers = 10 sheets). You can mix and match any of the melon pack.
Anemone: 1 white sheet for all 5 flowers
Gardenia: 4 white sheets for all 4 flowers
Hydrangea: 2 lavender sheets for 3 flowers and 1-2 green sheets for 3 flowers





  • Natural branch
  • Vessel for arrangement: 7″ tall and 4″ opening + rice to fill 3/4 of container; not clear

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