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Greenery Worksheet + Templates

Greenery Worksheet + Templates

Cutting the greenery: You can use the Juniper crepe paper from the anemone or ranunculus kits and the Juniper and Cypress from your Daffodil kit. You will want 6-12 stems of each of the 6 types of greenery. (See video on how to assemble).

Types of greenery:
Anemone leaves – cut from Juniper
Salal leaves – cut from Juniper
Ruscus branch – cut from Juniper
Myrtle branch – cut from Cypress and/or Juniper
Daffodil Leaves – cut from laminated Cypress and Juniper
Lily Grass – cut from laminated Cypress and Juniper

Double-sided greenery: Create a double-sided crepe paper with the fusible web and Juniper, and Cypress crepe paper from the daffodil pack. You can review our Lamination Mini-Course for our tips and tricks on how to create the best results. Note: Do NOT add wire to the lamination as shown for the leaves in this video. Once cooled, cut the double-sided greenery template with this paper.

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