Crepe_Paper_Ranunculus_FlowersI can tell it is summer (even though it has been raining the last few days here in Portland) because I am craving bright colors. And that is exactly what I reached for when I started making this crepe paper ranunculus bouquet. I love the way the colors pops!

Back when I had my flower shop, I loved these little blooms. It seemed they have a mind of their own and with their curling and unpredictable stems could make a very interesting bouquet. With the wire stems of this crepe version, you can have your paper blooms do the same. The leaves on these flowers grow towards the bottom of the stem and in my flower shop we would trim them off completely and use other greenery. One of my favorites was the lemon leaf as it was large and seemed to support the wild heads of the flower. For this crepe version I made my leaves in two colors to add a little interest. I love the way the grain of the crepe mirrors the veins in the leaf as it is cut on an angle and glued onto the leaf stem in a V shape.

Ranunculus come in many color options, so pick your favorite and join me in adding a pop of color with these oh-so-happy flowers to any event, party or for a personalized gift. Below is my step-by-step tutorial and the link for the PDF printable pattern. Stay tuned as I am filming a video tutorial for this flower as well giving you more tips and tricks to working with floral crepe. Enjoy! ~ Lia

Paper_Crepe_Ranunculus_DIY Crepe_Paper_Ranunculus_Bouquet DIY_Crepe_Paper_Ranunculus CrepePaperRanunculusTutorial