Photo booths at weddings or any event can be a great way to add a little fun, right? It is great to be able to hire a professional to do this, however I am going to give you the lowdown on how we made a DIY photo booth that is very affordable and is a self-serve set up for the guests.

Backdrop 3
First we downloaded a photo booth app onto an iPad. We picked WeddingBooth so the guests could easily snaps photos in a series of three while viewing their poses on the iPad. They could then add a note to the bride and groom at the end of their series. The guests could email the photos right there and the photos were stored on the iPad for later viewing. Other apps that looked good were SimpleBooth and LiveBooth. You can learn more about those by clicking the links. We then purchased a tripod mount for the iPad and since this was an evening wedding and indoors, I set up my two photo lights. You can find a set of these from your local photography rental store. Of course every photo booth needs a fun background and some great props. To match the theme of our wedding we cut a king and queen crown (their last name is King), as well as a set of lips, mustaches, bow ties and round glasses. All of these were cut from a glitter card stock that I bought at Michaels in their scrapbook section. You can download the templates or cutting machine files for all of these at the end of the post. Last weekend Lauren and Nelson came over to look at all of the photo booth pics and we had a great laugh. This was definitely a hit at their wedding. More DIY wedding ideas coming next week so stay tuned! ~ Lia

Photo prop SVG file can be found here