Someone recently asked what my favorite tools are for making paper flowers. So I thought it might be helpful to write a post about the craft tools we use here in our studio and also share some flower craft ideas with you.

Some of you may know that we teamed up with Fiskars last year to create high-quality tools for crafters and makers. My team and I have been making paper flowers for a while now. And have created hundreds of flower templates and tutorials over the years. We have also tested many different tools and materials.

As a result, we knew exactly what we wanted in our crafting tools and used our experience and knowledge to come up with the specs. Then we teamed up with Fiskars to make it happen!

Lia Griffith's top 5 tools for making paper flowers

Top-of-the-Line Tools

I am sharing five crafting tools with you today, most of which you can find in our online craft store or Amazon. We use these tools nearly every day. And they all have a lifetime warranty from Fiskars.

As you read about each tool below, you will see that a lot of thought went into the design of the tools! You will also see how you can use these tools for different flower craft ideas along with other types of projects. If you are new to crafting flowers out of crepe paper, you may find it helpful to watch our video on the top 10 things to know about crepe paper. We also have a getting started page for making crepe paper flowers!

Non-Stick Craft Scissors

Everyone needs a great pair of craft scissors! Our teal craft scissors are perfect for larger or thicker cuts. Some flower craft ideas for these scissors are any flower where you are using heavy crepe paper since it can be hard to cut on the Cricut. For example, you could use these scissors to create this gorgeous bouquet of peonies. Another good one is our crepe paper trillium flower since the design is simple and the leaves are large. That being said, you can use these scissors to craft any paper flower or plant!

Another thing to keep in mind is how many flowers you plan on crafting. If you are making a lot of paper flowers for a bouquet and cutting them all by hand, you want your scissors to be comfortable so your hand doesn’t tire out too easily. Our scissors feature an ergonomically contoured handle for this reason.

You also want the cut you are making to be smooth and easy, which is why our craft scissors have a stainless steel blade that cuts all the way to the tip. And it is non-stick, which allows you to cut through a variety of materials and adhesives, like glue and tape — both of which I use for making paper flowers. Finally, you will see that the handle is bent so you can keep your paper flat and ensure you are cutting evenly.

Last but not least, I had to add another important detail to these scissors, which is the word “create” on the handle. As you may know, I love to surround myself with inspirational words and quotes that empower me. That’s why I have my quote, “Today I will create something beautiful” on my studio wall. It’s my hope that whenever you see these scissors, you will be motivated to create!

Non-Stick Detail Scissors

On the flip side, our detail scissors are perfect for making smaller, intricate cuts. These scissors are very sharp (small, yet mighty!) and have thin points. This makes it easy for you to maneuver around more detailed flower patterns and get into tiny spaces.

Some flower craft ideas that you would want these scissors for are paper hydrangeas, which have a lot of tiny flowers and not much space between the petals. (That being said, since there are so many flowers to cut, you may want to switch between detail scissors and our craft scissors.) Additionally, you can use detail scissors to fringe your paper and create beautiful texture, like we did for our crepe paper bunny tails. They also come in handy for felt projects that have intricate cuts, like our pink holiday cactus.

Like the craft scissors, our detail scissors have a non-stick blade and cut all the way to the tip. They are also comfortable to use and give you great control over your cuts with their double-finger-loop handle. As you explore our site, you will see that we use them for many different craft projects and like having them on hand for simpler tasks, too,  like cutting thread.

Pinking Shears

Although I originally got my pinking shears for sewing projects, I also love to use them for crepe paper flowers! As far as flower craft ideas, I use these scissors for flower centers that I want to fringe but do not want a blunt, flat edge. So I will use the pinking shears to cut along the edge of a strip of crepe paper and then fringe it with our detail scissors.

For example, we used pinking shears for our crepe paper thistle, our crepe paper dandelion, and our crepe paper sunflower. We also use them for felt projects, like this pasta food playset. And finally, we have used them to create cute tissue paper poms for different crafts.

While this is a Fiskars tool, we did not design this one. However, we use it all the time in the studio and it is one of my favorite scissors for crafting. It is also very comfy to use!

Curling Tool

Moving on from scissors, a curling tool will come in handy for making paper flowers and plants. I won’t list any specific flower craft ideas here since I use this tool for all of my paper flowers! Fiskars made this tool for us and it is custom-designed to our specs. I had previously used the edge of my scissors to curl my paper flowers, so I wanted a tool that was more comfortable to use and could rest easily in my hand.

You can use our curling tool with crepe paper, text weight paper, and card stock. I simply slide the paper between the sharper side and my thumb, like a Christmas ribbon, to add curl to my paper. However, if you joined our July Member Make (or you watched the live video), you may have seen that my designer Meagan and I use the tool in different ways!

Along with curling your paper, you can use this tool to crease and score your paper. This comes in handy for those of you cutting by hand rather than using a cutting machine. Of course, if you prefer using your scissors to curl your flowers, that’s fine too! I just like the added comfort of the soft-grip handle as well as the easy ability to curl and shape different lengths of paper pieces.

If you need some guidance on how to use our curling tool, you can watch any of my paper flower video tutorials. In each tutorial, I show you how to curl and shape the petals for the specific flower I am crafting.

Needle-Nose Pliers/Wire Cutters

Last but not least, we highly recommend having needle-nose pliers and wire cutters in your craft room! We use them for a variety of craft projects, so we combined them. This way, when you’re crafting flowers, you can cut and bend your floral wire with just one tool. Easy peasy!

We use our needle-nose pliers/wire cutters for just about all of our paper flowers that have stems. For example, we used them to craft these gorgeous lilacs, these beautiful crepe paper roses, and these cute little pansies. If you are going to make any kind of bouquet (or any paper plants), you will need this tool!

Beyond these flower craft ideas, you can use this tool for so many other types of crafts. We use our needle-nose pliers/wire cutters for a lot of felt crafts as well as our DIY jewelry. We also use them for many of our copper wire projects.

Explore More

If you have any questions about our crafting tools or our flower craft ideas, let us know! We have so many amazing projects on the site that we’ve designed for our members. So if you want to start crafting with us, learn new skills, and make projects for everyday living or a special occasion, join our crafting community!

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Happy crafting! And don’t forget to check out our video below for some helpful tips on crafting with crepe paper!  ~ Lia and team

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