Favorite-top-10-script-fontsHappy Monday! I am going to start the week by sharing a graphic design behind-the-scenes tip. I often hear the question of what font I am using on a printable project or even the bigger question of my favorite fonts might be. Over the holidays I did share with you my favorite free display fonts and free script fonts. . . which are great, and now I am going to give you my top ten list of designer script fonts that I purchased from my favorite source, My Fonts.

I will be honest, this list changed a few times and I could easily have made this my top twenty. I narrowed it down to the ten that I find myself using the most. You will see quite a selection of hand calligraphy fonts. A few have a rough vintage texture. Some of them look very delicate and quite playful. I just love them all! So here you are. . . the links to my top ten favorite script fonts. Enjoy! ~ Lia  |  1. Asterism  |  2. Carolyna Pro  |  3. Bombshell  |  4. Showcase  |  5. Dasha  |  6. Ondise  |  7. Thirsty Rough  |  8. Gonte  |  9. St. Agnes  |  10. Melany Lane