The next project in our felt bird series is our rather cute needle-felted penguin. We call him Percy and we have to admit to being a little bit in love. He is fun to make, even for crafters who are new to needle-felting.

Our trick is to use a small foam egg to form the body. Then cover the foam egg in a layer of white felt roving and poke it repeatedly with a roving needle until the felt sticks to the foam form. Using an old needle for this is ideal as it will blunt slightly! You can make a felt ball for the penguin’s head and attach this to the body using the same technique. If you need help with that, hop over to this post to learn how to make a felt ball.

Felting PenguinsIce to Meet You

To make your own needle-felted penguins, print the pattern and materials list and instructions below. Then use that template to cut out the flippers, feet, beak, and scarf. You can also make a little iceberg in peacock-colored felt for your penguin to rest on! Our step-by-step tutorial below makes this project super achievable for everyone from fledgling crafters to seasoned felters.

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  1. Flatten the wider end of your egg by pushing it against a table.
  2. Using a felting needle, poke white roving felt into your egg. Foam balls can be replaced with the core wool and it will keep your needles sharper longer.
  3. With the foam block underneath, form a ball with your felting needle, leaving some loose felt on one side.
  4. Put this felted ball on top of your egg, with the loose felt coming down around the body.

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needle-felted penguin on felt iceberg and needle-felted penguin on faux snow

Felting Tutorial