Canning and Freezer LabelsThank you for asking me to design this set of freezer and canning labels. I am now quite excited to try my hand at canning for the first time, even though it is my families tradition. I designed these labels in the so-very-popular vintage chalkboard theme, all coordinating with the pantry labels and spice jar labels in previous posts. This project started with freezer labels, the kind you can write on and circle the date of freezing. But why stop there? The same design can also be used for your canned fruits, vegetables, sauces and juices.

Freezer Bag LabelPrintable Date Freezer LabelsPrintable Date Canning Label(This jar of grape juice is homegrown and canned from my dad and the apple sauce below was made by my sister.  I am truly from a handcrafted family). Loving the dated labels, I just kept going with my designs. How about some large chalkboard style labels for the side of the jar?

Decorative Canning LabelsChalkboard Canning LabelsGift Canning LabelsHow about labels for the top of the jars? I designed the round lid labels in two different sizes, 1.5 inch for the small jam jars and 2 inch for a standard jar lid.

Printable Canning Lid LabelsCanning Labels in ChalkboardOnce I finished the labels with space to write the jar contents, it made perfect sense to create some round labels to decorate the lids. . . or the sides, or layer the labels using some to add the name of the person who so craftily canned or froze this beautiful food. Mix and match! They all look so pretty together, don’t you think?

Canning Labels Chalkboard StyleAnd of course, what would be a label kit without the editable text options? All but the decorative labels include editable text. I chose a rustic typewriter font to add to this homemade look, but you can edit the text in the PDF document to suit your style. To change fonts:  type, size or color, (as well as bold, italics, etc.) select Control +E if you’re using a PC or Command + E on a Mac. A toolbar will appear giving you additional text properties. Select “More” in the font properties toolbar for paragraph alignment and more. If you want to hand write your labels like I did, just delete the text from the fields and print.

Editable Canning and Freezer LabelsThanks again to for sponsoring this post. Just click the button below for the free download of any of the labels in this post. All of these designs can be printed onto full sheet labels.  For the freezer labels, you can purchase 10 aggressive freezer adhesive. The round labels are easily trimmed with a 1.5 inch punch and a 2 inch punch. Enjoy! ~ Lia