We made it! I think we speak for everyone when we say that 2016 has been a crazy year in so many ways, both for our little design team and for our country in general. We started the year off with a totally new venture – crepe paper. And now we are ending the year with a brand new line of floristic crepe for the holiday season, with tissue paper and wax paper lines in between! But before looking too far into the next year, we still have our focus on December. Here is your December 2016 calendar, available as a free download for your monthly planning.

Our 2016 calendar design includes watercolor headers with faux gold foil script font for the month title. The December 2016 calendar specifically has a soft green header for the holidays. You can edit the calendar in any way that you like by adding events or removing the Christmas holidays if you do not celebrate. Don’t forget to remember any birthdays that happen to fall around Christmas! To edit the calendar, download and install the free font Arcon. Once you are ready, print the calendar onto 8.5 x 11 white cardstock. 

For Christmas decor inspiration, browse all of our Christmas projects! We will be sharing our complete 2017 calendar very soon, so be on the lookout for that. The 2017 calendar will be something totally new for us…a photo calendar! We have been racking up all these gorgeous crepe paper flower photos over the last year, and we thought what better way to share them with world than with a beautiful calendar that you can enjoy for the entire year. Head over to our membership page to join our crafting community for the new year, or follow us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter for the latest and greatest. This is our last chance to finish the year off right. Let’s make it count! ~ Lia and the Team