June 2016 CalendarJune!! It feels like I’ve been waiting for you for so long! There are plenty of wonderful things about the month of June, but one of my favorite things has be that fact that the first day of summer falls on June 20th. As much as I love the chillier cozier months, I am ready for some sunshine on my skin! In preparation of the month, it is time to print the June 2016 calendar. Just as with our entire printable 2016 calendar, the header includes a watercolor design with a beautiful faux gold foil script font. The month of June specifically features a light green watercolor that reminds me of the tranquility of the season. 

Our calendars are completely editable. The month of June includes the holiday of Father’s Day, but this can easily be deleted for those who live in a country outside the US! Each day has its own editable field, so you can also add all of your special events and appointments that are scheduled during the month. To edit the text, download and install the free font Arcon. Once you have customized your June 2016 calendar, you can print it onto 8.5 x 11 white card stock. June coincides with both graduation season and wedding season, so there will be plenty of occasions to remember. There is even a “Notes and Thoughts” section to conveniently write things down during the month. Hang a calendar on your refrigerator for the whole family to be reminded of upcoming events, or keep one by your desk at work to keep track of important deadlines! Take a look at our membership options to download the entire 2016 calendar. If you are not interested in creating a membership at this time, you can also head to our individual listing on Etsy to purchase the 2016 calendar by itself. And remember, we will be posting each month’s calendar as a freebie just before each month begins. 

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June 2016 CalendarJune 2016 Calendar