Flora_Craft_Pumpkin_Velvet_FoamSponsoredBy_FloraCraftWe always look forward to seeing what is in our monthly goodie box from our friends at FloraCraft and this October we were delighted to find all kinds of foam heads in spooky shapes as well as a pretty pumpkin form. Though the scary heads were tempting, we were ready to move on from our Halloween crafts frenzy and create something that we could use to decorate the studio throughout the Fall holidays.

For this pumpkin, I was ready to try something with texture, and stretch velvet was the first thing that popped into my mind. The stem is easy to remove with just a little twist and has a toothpick in place for easy replacement. With a little bit of carving out the foam under the stem to make room for the bunched fabric, the pumpkin is easy to transform into a luxe looking centerpiece. You can follow the steps below in the tutorial and find the felt leaf pattern at the end of the post. Enjoy! ~ Lia

Flora_Craft_Foam_Velvet_Pumpkin Flora_Craft_Pumpkin_Tutorial Velvet_Pumpkin_Flora_Craft_Foam_TN[1]