SponsoredBy_FloraCraftFloracraft®  is always challenging us to make new and exciting projects using their foam, and this latest challenge did not disappoint! We used a box of their Make It:Fun® Project Bricks in Neutral and we ended up with this amazing and elaborate kids castle. With only one box of their foam bricks! Can you believe it?!

We started by browsing other building blocks projects for some kids castle inspiration. This projects is a beyond wonderful way for kids to express their imagination and really explore their creativity (just note that this product is marked as ages 10 & up). Because the project blocks do not come with a set blueprint or project instructions, it really is a free for all! Luckily, the blocks are really easy to work with. If you end up gluing a brick but decide to move it to a different place, it is super easy to pull the brick off or cut it with an x-acto knife if the glue isn’t too dry. The bricks are also conveniently malleable, so it is easy to change the shape! To make pointed brick for the roof, or a cylindrical brick for a column, all you have to do is roll or squeeze the foam a bit against a hard surface and excess pieces will simply flake off. To be more precise, you could also use an x-acto or serrated knife for this. Floracraft® recommends using a tacky glue to attach the bricks together, but we used our trusty hot glue gun and it worked beautifully for our kids castle. 

After you have assembled your perfect castle design, it’s time to accessorize! Make an easy drawbridge by hot gluing large popsicle sticks or tongue depressors together. Attach it to your castle by sticking two eyelet hooks into the foam bricks and using some baker’s twine to tie the bridge to the hooks. Below you will see the PDF templates to make your own flags for you castle. Print the template onto printer paper and cut the shapes out to use as a guide for cutting felt. Use hot glue to put your flag designs together, and then attach them to thin dowels or toothpicks. Once you have designed your flags, stick the dowels into the foam and your kids castle is complete! Don’t forget to make wizard & dragon, and princess, knight & unicorn to match.



Watching this project come together was truly so much fun. We started with a pack of foam bricks, and ended up with this adorable and playful masterpiece! And stay tuned for the templates and tutorials to make those finger puppets that look like they jumped right out of a fairy tale! They are the perfect trinkets to complete your kids castle. Your children will love using their imagination to make their own designs and create their very own fairy tale. Of course, I would love to see your own castle creations. Share them with me on Instagram, Facebook, or through email. Ah, to be a kid again! ~ Lia




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