To create more variation in your holiday wreath options, we crafted a gorgeous wreath out of tissue paper. For this tissue paper holiday wreath, we used the Holiday Cheer tissue pack from our line of specialty tissue papers. Our tissue paper is a great material for a holiday wreath because it is delicately dusted with a metallic shimmer that reflects the light.

The paper tissue pack also happens to come with the template for this wreath right in the packaging! You can find the template in the downloads below for reference. Or you can scan the template from the pack to save it to your computer for future crafting.

Paper Holiday Wreath

Craft Some Holiday Cheer

This tissue pack includes various shades of red and green to create an evergreen foliage accented by pretty poinsettias and berries. Other than the tissue paper, you will also need a basic wreath form that you can find at any craft store. Cut out each piece of the template to use as a guide for cutting your leaves and petals.

To give the poinsettias and leaves a bit of life, we scored them down the center. You can do this by simply folding the tissue paper, or you can use a ruler to help you get a straight, sharp edge. Use a hot glue gun to attach the leaves to your wreath form, and finish off your tissue paper holiday wreath by adding the little holly berries. The holly berries are small beads wrapped in the red tissue.

For more paper holiday wreath ideas, be sure to take a  look at our crepe poinsettia wreath and metallic paper Christmas wreath. Browse all of our Christmas projects for more inspiration, or catch daily glimpses of our makes on Instagram, Facebook or Pinterest. Cheers to a bright holiday season! ~ Lia and team

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How to make a tissue paper Christmas wreath
tissue paper holiday wreath
tissue paper holiday wreath with poinsettias and berries
tissue paper Christmas wreath with poinsettias