witch hat fascinatorsThe Witching Hour

Witches are a classic costume get-up… with our simple-to-craft headbands, it will take you no time at all to transform yourself into a specialist of the supernatural! Download either our SVG or PDF files, then cut and assemble your own witch hat fascinators. Make just one to fly solo or craft a whole coven for you and your fellow witches. Get your witch on! 

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  1. Gather the tools and materials listed above for your witch hat fascinators.
  2. To make a moon & stars hat: cut the pattern out of foil iron-on using a cutting machine. Weed out the design, then iron onto 3mm thick black felt following the product instructions.
  3. Trace the hat pattern onto felt using a white fabric pencil or crayon. Cut out with a pair of sharp scissors. Note: you can also use regular (1mm) thick felt for the hat, but you might want to use a black fabric stiffener/stabilizer on the underside so that it is not too floppy!
  4. Draw four lines in the center circle on the brim. Fold the brim in half along the lines and cut to make eight tabs in total.
  5. Roll the top of the hat into a cone and whip stitch the seam closed using black thread, doubled. Start at the bottom edge and make small, even stitches to the tip. Knot it off, then run the needle and thread into the hat and trim.
  6. Next, cut the tabs on the brim to make more rectangular. 
  7. Glue the bottom edge of the cone onto the brim. If glue is showing, you can try to trim it away or color it with black marker.
  8. Fold the tabs in and glue to the inside of the hat.
  9. Wrap a wide black ribbon around the hat twice (you can add a dab of glue to help hold in place), then tie it off with a perfect bow in the back.
  10. To make a mini felt rose for your hat: cut out the felt pieces according to pattern from 1mm black felt. Then glue the three smallest petals around the end of a short length of floral wire.
  11. Overlap and glue the tabs onto the large petals and the petals at the base of the center.
  12. Iron a piece of black glitter iron-on onto the thinner black felt. Cut out the leaves following the pattern and glue to the underside of the rose. You can color the stem black to match if desired.
  13. Wrap a long piece of tulle (folded in half) around the base of the hat (ours was about 16” wide before folding). Make a few long stitches to hold the tulle in place.
  14. Poke the rose stem into the tulle where it overlaps and twist the wire around to secure.
  15. To attach the hats to the headband, cut two small rectangular pieces of felt. Glue the underside of the hat to the headband using the rectangles to wrap around the headband.

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