These gorgeous woodland foil vinyl mug decals are a simple way to spruce up plain white coffee mugs. Designer Krista illustrated these woodland animals in homage to traditional Scandinavian iconography. The simplicity of the designs, in tandem with the shimmer of the foil vinyl, exudes such refinement. Your guests won’t believe that you created these yourself!

To get started, see our tools and materials list below. Then download either our SVG file or PDF template to make your own woodland mug decals.

woodland foil vinyl mug decals

The pattern for our woodland foil vinyl mug decals includes the designs for a fox, owl, and bear. You can choose just one to make or create all three in any color you want. Of course you can use these designs to make other home decor, too. We’d love to see how you get creative, so feel free to share photos on our Facebook page for members or by tagging #MadeWithLia on Instagram.

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Due to the intricate details, these vinyl mug decals will be much easier to make with a cutting machine. But if you do want to cut these by hand, we have included a PDF template for you to use rather than an SVG file. Once you have cut your woodland decals out, just stick them onto your mugs and enjoy!

foil vinyl decals for mugs woodland foil vinyl decals diy foil vinyl decal scandinavian vinyl decals

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