1 Hour to Wow

Join the 1 HOUR TO WOW craft challenge and learn to make a project you'll love... in as little as 10 minutes a day!

Create With Materials You Have on Hand
Craft Along Tutorials with Lia
14 Days to Create Wow-Worthy Flowers

Don’t have time
to craft?

Most women claim they don't have time or money to craft. When in reality they are...

  • putting everyone's needs before their own — their family, their job, their volunteering...
  • looking at a bunch of different crafts for inspiration — only to never actually create them.
  • feeling guilty spending money on craft supplies.
  • fearing that they will waste time creating something they won't really love

Wouldn’t you like just a little time for yourself?

Get Inspired

Pick your perfect version of this beautiful flower... we provide the template and video tutorial.

No need to hunt for inspiration & instructions in magazines, on YouTube, or on Pinterest.

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Save Money & Time

See just how simple it can be to craft the flower from start to finish with our easy-to-follow video instructions using materials that you already have.

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Learn New Skills

Create a beautiful craft project that will wow your friends and family.

Learn new techniques and improve your craft skills while having FUN!

Join thousands of kind & creative crafters.

Over the last 10 years, more than 10,000 crafters have joined our community. Our valued members have consistently made beautiful, simple crafts and projects that have wowed their friends and family, inspired others, and given them personal satisfaction. If they can craft, you can too!

Crafting made easy.

The 1 HOUR TO WOW challenge is designed to fit into your busy schedule.

With just 10 minutes a day, this challenge allows you to take some time for yourself, and create a craft you'll love.

We designed four versions of the peony flower in different papers and felt, so you can save money, use the materials and tools you have on hand, and get started right away.

This free challenge includes:

1 Beautiful Flower, 4 Different Ways

This beautiful peony is ready to craft using crepe paper, felt, cardstock or a light paper — so you can use any materials you have on hand.

Bonus alert...love variety? You can make one of each!

Four peonies each created with a different material.

Easy-to-Follow Video Tutorials

Each version comes with a template and an easy-to-follow video tutorial and a printable tutorial making it simple to craft along.

A laptop with the peony tutorial on screen.

Great Access. Great Support.

Hesitant to start a new craft project on your own? We're here for you every step of the way!

Lia will be by your side as your virtual "craft coach" to answer any questions along the way.

Lia sitting behind the peony projects.

Ready to Wow?

Start Creating TODAY!

Sign up now to get instant access to the four projects inside 1 HOUR TO WOWno credit card needed.

14 days. 10 minutes a day. Four beautiful peonies to reignite your creative routine.

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A picture of Evelyn.

“This challenge was such a game-changer for me! I've had this crepe paper lying around for years and I didn't know where to start. But with this project, I finally took the leap. Now I can't wait to dive into more crepe paper flower projects!”

A picture of Becky.

“Crafting in small bites was a refreshing change of pace. Despite my busy schedule, I made a beautiful peony flower using felt in just ten minutes a day... after I tucked the kids into bed. It showed me that I can create something beautiful even with limited time!”

A picture of Alex.

“I made them all! The 1 HOUR TO WOW challenge reignited my love for crafting. I explored the different materials and finished four beautiful peony flowers. This experience inspired me to keep crafting and take in all the joy it brings me.”