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DIY Dipped Garden Tools with Matching Watering Can and Tool Box

Dipped Paint Garden ToolsGarden Tools Painted HandlesTea lPainted Garden ToolsI grew up in family of six crafters, makers, artists and growers. My parents always kept a large lush garden including fruit trees and berry bushes. I can still see my mom in the kitchen in the hot late-summer afternoons. The stove’s heat would be making the kitchen almost unbearable as she canned tomatoes and fruit and made homemade jam and grape juice that we would enjoy for the next year. This was such a sweet childhood memory and I am smiling as I type. But here is the funny thing. . . I have yet to grow my own garden. I have yet to can a jar of anything. The other sisters took on that skill but this sister is a bit of a city mouse, yes I am. The day has come that this mouse is ready for a little bit of country. Now that I have a wonderful space to grow a garden, you all get to come along with me on my learning to garden adventure! Please. . . send suggestions and comments my way because I am all ears. These next few weeks I will be planting starts for tomatoes, fresh herbs and some other favorite veggies, and my dad will be popping by soon to give me some hands-on coaching.

DIY Painted Garden ToolsSince I am the newbie here, I have been stocking up on my gardening tools. I found these beautiful stainless steel and wooden handle tools at West Elm’s new Market shop. They are beautiful as they are, but I decided to add a little personal touch. With Sherwin Williams Resilience paint in the color of Cooled Blue, I dipped the handles in this teal glossy paint. My wooden tool box thrift store find was painted it in Sherwin Williams Mink then the bottom stripe in the teal. Why stop there? How about a matching teal stripe on this cute galvanized watering can I found on Amazon? Here is my full tutorial below for the painting process.  My tools are ready for my intro to gardening weekend! Cheers everyone! ~ Lia

Dipped Garden Tools Tutorial


  1. The color looks very nice and it make the garden tools more friendly and beautiful.

  2. Oh yum, love the color you used, it’s right up my alley. Your garden tools look too pretty almost to use. I’m envious of people that garden, I just can’t get into it, never have.
    . My Mother canned and all her sisters. Don’t know if any of cousins ever did as they mostly live in Midwest where I was born. I’m pretty much a westerner, lived 10 yrs in Cleveland then Tucson, Ca, MT, KY, now CO. . Guess I missed that gardening gene somewhere along the line, Seems all I can think about is crafting and decorating this old joint. Once in while I manage to squeeze in some cleaning and sewing, lol.
    Not surprised you dressed up your tools and box. We make those kind of boxes in different styles. They’re so handy for so many things. The gray with teal is so pretty, makes it look pretty snazzy to go out gardening. Thanks for sharing your exceptional talents.

    • If it makes you feel any better, it is almost the end of May and I have yet to plant a tomato. I just have such a busy schedule. I like the idea of it though. :-)

  3. Apart from the lovely tutorial, I’m kindof interested in that first bit about your family traditions. I wasn’t so lucky to grow up around that, and am a naive newbie making baby steps into growing and preserving. That said; I’m really curious about that grape juice. Is grape juice one of those homemade things that can last up to a year or more, too? I guess that would make it like just a more liquified form of jelly, preserved by the sugars? I’m finding it more and more interesting the things I’m learning can and cannot be canned/preserved!

    Also, I love making things, and creating in any way (whether by growing/cooking/handmaking, etc.), so your blog is so much fun, and such a thrill! Glad I just found it last week, I’m already enjoying the e-mail subscription :)

    (Oh no [PS!], I don’t see a comment subscribe checkbox :-/ …I’ll have to try and remember to come and check back for any replies on my own.)

    • Yes, the grape juice can be saved for years and as long as there are no extreme temp changes it should stay just as good. I am learning too and just feel lucky I can call on one of my sisters or my dad to get some answers. Sadly my mom is no longer available to teach me. . . so it is up to me to carry on her tradition. Isn’t it too much fun learning these things. :-)

  4. LOVE THESE! Great job. :)

  5. ooh, so pretty! and in my favourite colour too!

  6. Quina bona idea !! veig que penses en tot !!

  7. That is about the classiest set of garden tools ever!
    I garden with a spacing fork, a stainless steel trowel and a titanium concrete float. Go figure.

  8. Get SW paint company to sponsor you! 😉

    This is all so beautiful! I have been planning to paint our tools this year. In fact, I’ve been collecting.

  9. These are great! Love love the colour you chose!

  10. Such a great idea!!!!

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