Lia Griffith

Lia Griffith

Founder & Creative Director

I grew up in a family of artists where everything we did was DIY, so it felt natural to me to create a company that focuses on living a handcrafted lifestyle. My career path is rooted in design, but I am a teacher at heart. I believe that everyone can be creative, and my true passion is designing projects that are accessible for crafters at any level. After starting this website in 2013, it has only become more clear to me that this is exactly where I’m supposed be.

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the company

Lia Griffith Media had humble beginnings as a one-person lifestyle blog, and with consistent, quality content has rapidly grown into a go-to resource for all things DIY. Now sharing up to 28 projects a month, our site continues to grow and gain new readers every day. Today Lia Griffith Media employs a team of unique and talented individuals who together are passionate about sharing our knowledge and inspiration for a handcrafted lifestyle. Our daily  posts and social media engagement focuses on nurturing a loyal community of makers and crafters. As the Lia Griffith brand grows and expands, the personal mission that Lia embarked on this journey with remains as strong as ever – to teach, inspire and reignite creativity. Because everyone can be creative!