We’re simply enchanted by these Layered Cardstock Moth & Lantern Cards Emily designed. A whimsical nod to spooky fall nights, these pretty art pieces are super easy and so fun to put together once your pieces are cut. When complete, pop your fabulous fall art into a frame for quick and easy seasonal decor. Looking for more layered cardstock projects? Check out this Layered Watercolor Mirabelle Plum Art or these Papercut Birds

We do recommend using a cutting machine for the intricate designs in this project, but feel free to use a detail knife if you’d prefer to cut your pieces by hand instead. Download our SVG file or download the PDF template when you’re ready to get started. 

Follow the Light

The dreamy scene Emily designed for these layered cardstock cards features an old-fashioned lantern covered in ivy, surrounded by a soft, blue halo of light. The dark blue background really allows the details of the lantern to pop and creates such a beautiful contrast. Visiting from a few other crafts in this month’s collection is the lovely Luna Moth. With detailed wings of soft green and light purple, she appears to flutter majestically against an inky-dark sky. 

Originally designed to feature only the lantern, we couldn’t resist making a few pieces for this cute little moth. Make just one design, or create both! I love the idea of these on a side table or bookshelf for a flash of whimsy. You can, of course, also hang them on your wall for a bit of spooky season flair. 

We’d love to see how you styled your layered cardstock moth and lantern cards, so be sure to share them on Instagram with the hashtag #MadeWithLia or in our crafters’ community.