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VIDEO: 10 Things You’ll Want to Know About Crepe Paper

As crepe paper is gaining popularity, especially in the world of flower making, we have been asked so many questions about all things crepe paper. We decided to make this video to not only answer the questions we get most often about crepe paper but also share with you our love for this favorite craft material. So here it is — the 10 things to know about crepe paper! NOTE: Since this video was filmed, we have refined our tools and material list, which you can find in the right hand column.  
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VIDEO: 10 Things You'll Want to Know About Crepe Paper

How to Make Crepe Paper Flowers

Color paper flowers with PanPastel pigments

VIDEO: How to Color Your DIY Flowers with PanPastel®

VIDEO: DIY Flower Stamens

VIDEO: Tips & Tricks for Floral Tape and Crepe Paper Stem Wraps

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VIDEO: Cutting Machines for Crepe Paper

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