We do have one piece of advice for this project: get comfortable! Though these Crepe Paper Bells of Ireland are beautiful, they are a bit time-consuming. We highly recommend a cutting machine on this crafting adventure, if only to give your hands a break as you gather all your materials. While we do consider this an advanced-level project, we want to always encourage you to be fearless in your crafting. Besides, we’ll be here with you step-by-step.

Bells of Ireland, or Moluccella laevis — if we’re getting botanical — are not your average garden greenery. Picture this: slender stalks adorned with clusters of tiny bell-shaped flowers nestled among fresh foliage. But here’s the kicker – those “bells” aren’t flowers! Nope, they’re vibrant calyxes, protective coverings of the true flowers. 

Firstly, to create our life-like bells of Ireland, we used our extra-fine crepe paper in shades of linen and fern. Next, you’ll use your steel ball shaping and curling tools to help you achieve the perfect bell-like shape and graceful curves for the petals. Lastly, a little PanPastel will help you achieve enough depth and dimension to rival the real deal.

Once your Crepe Paper Bells of Ireland are complete, the possibilities are endless. Display them in a bud vase for a touch of springtime elegance on your coffee table, or group them together to create a stunning centerpiece.

And, as always, be sure to share your creations with our crafters’ community or tag us on Instagram using #MadeWithLia.