Unbeleafably greenery

When learning how to make crepe paper flowers, it is also essential to learn how to make the greenery that goes with it. This way, you can fill out your arrangement. You can watch the spring bouquet workshop, where I use these stems, ranunculus blooms, anemones, and double daffodils to create different spring arrangements. These are perfect for Easter, Mother’s Day, or any spring occasion.

Cutting crepe for the greenery:

You can use the Juniper crepe paper from the anemone or ranunculus kits and the Juniper and Cypress from your Daffodil kit. You will want 6-12 stems of each of the six types of greenery. (See video on how to assemble).

Types of greenery:

Anemone leaves – cut from Juniper
Salal leaves – cut from Juniper
Ruscus branch – cut from Juniper
Myrtle branch – cut from Cypress and/or Juniper
Daffodil Leaves – cut from laminated Cypress and Juniper
Lily Grass – cut from laminated Cypress and Juniper

Double-sided greenery:

Create double-sided crepe paper with the fusible web, Juniper crepe paper, and Cypress crepe paper from the daffodil pack. You can review our Lamination Mini-Course for tips and tricks on creating the best results. Note: Do NOT add wire to the lamination as shown for the leaves in this video. Once cooled, cut the double-sided greenery template with this paper.