Spring these Flowers to Life

We are sharing a two-part video on creating linear, asymmetrical bouquets in three different styles of low containers. This workshop shares our best tips and tricks to create a flowing spring bouquet.

You can watch the other four video workshops in this series:

All of these were featured in the final bouquets.

If you have watched any of my other classes on flower arrangements, you will see that these crepe paper spring bouquets are a bit different from how I have shown you before. In our video tutorials, you will learn these new methods and various techniques for creating your arrangements.

Let’s Get Started!

For the smaller arrangement, Emily and I are making our crepe paper spring bouquets in different types of containers. I am using an Easter basket, and she is using a terracotta pot. For the larger arrangement, I am using a pedestal vase. You can use whatever type of container you like. Just ensure it is the right size to accommodate a wider arrangement like the ones we are making.

Because these crepe paper spring bouquets are wider, we will also review how to balance your flowers to create a free-flowing arrangement. The result is a natural, garden-picked look that we love.



  • Basket, container, or vessel for arrangement. The sizes of the containers used in the video are:
    • Terra Cotta Pot– 6 inches wide x 5.5 inches tall
    • Easter Basket– 6-7 inches wide x 4 inches tall
    • Pedestal Vase– 7 inches wide with a bowl that is 4.5 inches deep and stands 7 inches tall
  • Chicken wire or floral cage
  • Waterproof floral tape or craft tape