If you caught yesterday’s live workshop, then you know we are ending the summit today with two video tutorials on how to make crepe paper spring bouquets. Unlike our other workshops, we recorded this one beforehand. So be sure to comment below or over on the lesson itself if you have any questions! 

Our first video tutorial shows a smaller paper flower bouquet. And our second video tutorial shows how to arrange a larger paper flower bouquet. We are using all of the crepe paper flowers and greenery we made in the previous workshops.

how to arrange crepe paper spring bouquets

Spring these flowers to life

If you have taken our Crepe Paper Flowers master class, then you have learned some of my latest tips for crepe paper flower arrangements. However, I am arranging these crepe paper spring bouquets a bit differently than how I have shown you before. In our video tutorials you will learn these new methods as well as various techniques for creating your own arrangements.

For the smaller arrangement, Emily and I are making our crepe paper spring bouquets in different types of containers. I am using an Easter basket and she is using a terracotta pot. For the larger arrangement, I am using a pedestal vase. You can use whatever type of container you like. Just make sure it is the right size to accommodate a wider arrangement like the ones we are making.

Because these crepe paper spring bouquets are wider, we will also go over how to balance your flowers to create a free-flowing arrangement. The end result is a natural, garden-picked look that we love.

When you’re ready to make your bouquets, just head over to our workshop, which is free for annual members. If you’re not an annual member, the link to this paper flower workshop is included in our spring summit kit (while supplies last!).