Do a double-take

The double daffodil is a fresh look at a traditional flower. We created this version of the daffodil in crepe paper for its playful lightness.

Although this double daffodil is simpler to craft, it is as beautiful as the anemone and ranunculus. The crepe paper looks exceptionally soft and delicate here. And we have shaped and layered the petals to make the flower look extra fluffy. 

Cutting the flower petals: You can make 6-12 flowers. The daffodil kit has three color options, and I recommend at least 3 of each color for your bouquet. In the Spring Summit bouquet workshop, I demonstrated how to make two sizes of bouquets, one with 6 of each flower and the second with 12 of each flower.

Colors for flowers:
Double Daffodil – Mango, Chiffon, and White

Daffodil Leaves:
To add beautiful leaves to this flower, we also have a full workshop on how to make those!

More in this Series:
You can also make the other two flower workshops in this series:

And when you are ready to put them into a beautiful bouquet, we have you covered!

If you have any questions about our crepe paper ranunculus workshop, just comment below.

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