Paper Flowers

Crepe Paper Flowers

 Advanced  60min +

Member Make: Crepe Paper Ornamental Cabbage

 Intermediate  60min

Crepe Paper Garden Roses

January 2024 Member Make: Crepe Paper Double Tulips

 Beginner  30min

Crepe Paper Snowberry Branches

 Advanced  60min +

December 2023 Member Make: Crepe Paper Stephanotis

 Beginner  30min

VIDEO: Crepe Paper Holly Berry Wreath

 Beginner  30min

VIDEO: Beginner Crepe Paper Poinsettia Plant

 Beginner  30min

VIDEO: Beginner's Crepe Paper Christmas Workshop

 Beginner  60min

VIDEO: Crepe & Frosted Paper Hellebore

 Intermediate  60min +

Potted Crepe Paper Amaryllis

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Learn how to make realistic crepe paper flowers for bouquets, wreaths, flower crowns, and more. Each week we add a new crepe paper flower tutorial along with the flower SVG and flower template PDF. As you explore our crepe paper flowers and paper plants, you'll see that we only use our own line of crepe paper. You can browse all of our crepe paper in our online shop.

If you are a beginner looking for an easy crepe paper flower, start with our free crepe paper anemone flower. Pretty soon you'll be under the paper floral spell!

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