Since you'll need several tools for these Crepe Paper Queen Anne's Lace, we suggest getting everything ready and laid out beforehand. Additionally, patience is key for this advanced-level craft. We recommend using your cutting machine for this project to help speed things along. If you're new to crafting, this is a great project to perfect your fringing skills and tackle a more challenging design.

Now, this flower might look delicate and simple, but it holds a surprising secret. Did you know the Queen Anne's Lace "flower" we admire is actually a little party in disguise? Yup, those flat-topped clusters comprise thousands of tiny white florets, each a beautiful bloom in its own right. Talk about a masterpiece of miniature engineering!

To recreate the delicate beauty of Queen Anne's Lace, we used our extra-fine crepe paper in soft white hues. Then, we used our 24-gauge paper-covered floral wire and green tape to give our blooms that lifelike stem and structure. Lastly, a little Hansa Yellow PanPastel adds incredible depth and dimension to bring this project to life. Once finished, display them in a vase as a charming centerpiece, or use them to decorate your gifts and cards to add something special.

We're so excited for you to try this Crepe Paper Queen Anne's Lace and can't wait to see how it turns out. When you're all finished, be sure to tag us on Instagram with a pic of your amazing work. Or, share your photos in our crafters' community.