easter lily flower

In our video version of this gorgeous Easter lily flower, we used our frosted paper to add that extra pearl finish. We are absolutely in love with this paper for floral paper crafting! It offers the perfect thickness to remain firm yet malleable and the perfect touch of elegant shimmer.

You can also use this template for any cardstock or text-weight paper to get similar results. If you want to make a realistic lily plant from crepe paper, we have a full video and a special template for the best results.

The original version of this lily was made a few years ago, and the complete list of materials for that version, along with the written steps, is included in the instructions that you can download. The photo tutorial will then give you the original steps.

In the live video workshop on March 20, 2024, we will explore using clay to create the centers and PanPastel for the pollen on the clay anthers. Alternatively, you can stick with the hot-glue-sculpted version and paint it the final color.

easter lily flower