Before you begin, it’s a great help to have all your tools and materials ready. If you have a cutting machine, then you’ll want to download our SVG file. However, if you prefer a more hands-on approach, you can use a detail knife to cut out the pieces from the PDF template. Using the 4″ mini grapevine as a base, these little beauties come together quickly once your pieces are cut. Once you’re ready, let’s get this little robin rockin’ around your Christmas tree!

During the holiday season, Robins are often viewed as a symbol of renewal and hope. Their vibrant red breasts are believed to represent the love and joy of Christmas. This sweet little bird embodies the very spirit of the holiday, making it a perfect addition to your seasonal decor.

We wanted to design an ornament that paid homage to the quiet beauty of the season, and with these Layered Paper Robin Ornaments, we’ve done just that. We chose our cardstock in charcoal, firecracker red, and almost grey to mimic the natural colors of our little robin friend. The layered design of this project adds depth and texture, making these ornaments truly stand out.

Crafting these layered robin paper mini wreath ornaments is a wonderful way to celebrate winter and the Christmas season. Add a name to the bright red breast to personalize and gift to your friends or family, or hang them from your doorknobs for a touch of winter magic throughout your home.

Whether you display them on your tree or decorate your home with their whimsical charm, these ornaments will make your holiday season even more special. Share your creations with us on Instagram using the hashtag #MadeWithLia or in our crafters’ community. Let’s spread the joy of DIY this Christmas!