This beginner-friendly project is great for all crafting levels. However, we highly recommend a cutting machine for a little extra precision. Aside from that, these Papercut Animal Friends Valentines don’t require much to come together. When you’re ready to start, just take a look to your right.  

These Papercut Animal Friends Valentines are about as cute as they get. When closed, the front of the card features two adorable animal friends locked in a sweet embrace. When you open it up, their little faces and arms are thrown wide in joy, creating a card as heartwarming as the message you can write inside. And because we know how much you all love choices, this project offers two designs. 

We’ve handpicked the perfect shades from our Bright Pink cardstock collection for this project. While we love this rosy color palette for Valentine’s Day, you can choose any color combo that tickles your fancy. Once you’re finished, pair your Papercut Animal Friends card with these Mini Valentine’s Day Bears for a truly special gift, made with love. 

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