So, how does it work? In the sweetest and simplest way possible. Once you're ready to crown mom's gift-wrapped present with the pièce de résistance, download the links below, customize, and print! Featuring three different designs of lovely lilacs against a background of springtime sage and lavender, these Free Printable Mother's Day Labels are sure to make mom's heart bloom with love. 

"Home is Where Your Mom is" Assorted Mother's Day Sticker Template

Assorted Floral Mother's Day Gift Label Template

Purple Floral Mother's Day Address Label Template

Green Floral Mother's Day Address Label Template

If you're feeling especially fancy, once you're finished wrapping your gift, dress up your Free Printable Mother's Day Label with a sprig of our beginner-friendly crepe paper lavender. Or, customize your label with an inside joke or your mom's favorite scripture – whatever feels right. Even the smallest projects can grow with a little boost of creativity and imagination — so be fearless!

Once you've finished printing your Free Printable Mother's Day Labels, we can't wait to see where you stick them! We love to see your creativity shine through these projects, so remember to upload them to our crafters' community. Or, if you'd prefer, tag us on Instagram with the hashtag #MadeWithLia. 

And, to all the incredible mothers out there, we say Happy Mother's Day! Thank you for the love you freely give, the boo-boos you kiss, and the lives you make a little brighter each day. May your Mother's Day bring you laughter, joy, and beautifully wrapped surprises!