Designer Delights!

How many times have you looked at the designer handbags in the department store and appreciated their beauty? I know I have – a few times. But my busy life, with family, a dog and all the making I do just doesn’t warrant that kind of accessory, never mind the expense! (Maybe someday, right?) So, the team and I decided to take it into our own hands. We spent some time looking at the handbags we secretly covet and used those to inspire an iron-on design for plain canvas totes. Gorgeous and practical – perfect! And because we love our British readers too we have produced a ‘MUM’ version as well as a ‘MOM’ version.

Let’s Start Making!

Choose your fave design, download the file at the end of this post and cut it on your cutting machine using a colored iron-on of your choice – we went with a classic black and a luxe gold. The great thing about both of these designs is that are mix and match and you can adjust as needed. Depending on the size of your tote you can size the parts before cutting and move the buckle straps to fit before you iron them on. Once the design is cut on your machine, you can lay it out on your bag just as you like it before ironing it on. Once the plastic backing of the iron-on starts to crinkle the vinyl will be set. I always take a tea towel, lay it over the design and give the bag an extra press before I am finished. If you need to wash the tote just make sure you do so on a cool wash to avoid damaging the vinyl. You can find plain canvas totes and iron on vinyl in craft stores or at Michaels in lots of different colors – so feel free to have the designer tote of your choice! Happy Mother’s Day to all our Mommy and Mummy readers, we hope you have a really special day and stay tuned for a week of pretty Mother’s Day printables. Enjoy! ~ Lia

Iron on tote bag